Mobile Well Testing Lab Mounted on “SADKO” GAZ Chassis


Well testing mobile lab fitted on GAZ “SADKO” 33081 4x4 platform with pre-installed winch “LKI-Tekhno” designed for slickline conveyed well intervention whilst well testing, remedial and cleanup operations.

Client's datasheet


Mobile Lab GAZ "SADKO" (3308, 33081, 33088) represents an all-terrain cab-after-engine truck. Due to the balanced price, size and off-road features the truck model has a well deserved reputation among oilfield personnel involved into off-road wellsite trips

The truck-based lab offers a comfortable heated accommodation compartment for field personnel equipped with all the tools and accessory needed while on the trip. Transport containers are fitted under the main van body to facilitate safer and comfortable transportation of the tools and lubricator pipes. Uninterruptable power supply is provided by a stand-alone generator installed in a separated section

Slickline Winch LKI-Tekhno powered by a combination drive enables an operator to engage either an electric or a mechanical drive by alternating from one to another to adapt to a specific type of a downhole operation.

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Technical Description

Chassis: GAZ-33081
Engine: YaMZ-53442 turbo diesel (Euro-4)  
Emission Class: Euro-4
Axle Arrangement: 4х4
Gearbox: mechanical, five-speed
Rear suspension: leaf spring
Steering: hydraulically powered

Body: frame based rightangled structure with a flat roof made of sandwich panels
Layout: one compartment / two compartment / three compartment design
Compartments: accomodation / winch / operator’s sections
Slickline feed: rear swing gates / side hatch (port for feeding slickline through a van wall)
External lining: clad metal with polymeric powder coatingInternal lining: laminated plywood and/or ribbed aluminium
Floor coating: zinc plated steel / special oil and water repelling durable rubber material / ribbed aluminium
Tooling box: under truck body 

Generator section: side single-door hinged hatch
Spare wheel carrier: in the drum section / outside the truck body

Slickline winch LKI-Tekhno
Winch drive: electric / mechanical / combination
Winch drive control
box: electric
indication box
Logging control panel “SKK-Tekhno 305
Wellhead lubricator: L65-21 / L65-35

Generator: stand-alone, power 6.5 / 8.0 kW, skid mounted in the power pack section 
Lighting of the truck, lighting of the wellhead: 220/24 V
Sockets: 220 V
Winch drive power cable reel
Stand-alone diesel heater 
Electric fan heater 220 V, power 2.0 kW
Air conditioner

Operator’s chair 
Bed trunk
Folding table

Table with houshold appliances
Hand washing point with water heater    
Vise workbench
Clothes rail

L-shaped jib crane with Hand Chain Hoist

Spare (LKI-Tekhno) winch drum carrier

Racks for memory tools
Lubricator rack
Wheel blocks - 1 set
rst aid kit
Fire extinguisher - 2 ea.
Emergency road triangle
Spark arrester