Mobile Well Testing Lab “GDIS” Mounted on “KAMAZ”


“GDIS” well testing mobile lab fitted on “KAMAZ” 6х6 platform with pre-installed winch “LKI-Tekhno” designed for slickline conveyed well intervention whilst well testing, remedial and cleanup operations

Client's datasheet

Mobile Lab "KAMAZ" represents an all-terrain cab-after-engine truck. Due to its spacious interior the lab truck is recommended for remote and/or long lasting oilfield trips. 
The lab truck offers a convenient working and living area for a wireline/slickline crew – a comfortable heated accommodation compartment equipped with all the tools and accessory need for a job. Transport containers are fitted under the main van body to facilitate safer and comfortable transportation of the tools and lubricator pipes. Uninterruptable power supply is provided by a stand-alone generator installed in a separated section.
Slickline Winch LKI-Tekhno powered by a combination drive enables an operator to engage either an electric or a mechanical drive by alternating from one to another to adapt to a specific type of a downhole operation.

Technical Description

Chassis: KAMAZ 5350(43114) / 43118
Engine: turbo diesel, 240 hp  
Emission Class: Euro-4
Axle Arrangement: 6х6
Gearbox: mechanical, ten-speed
Transfer case: mechanical, 2-range with central differential lock 
Rear suspension: leaf spring

Body: frame based rightangled structure with a flat roof made of sandwich panels
Layout: one compartment / two compartment / three compartment design Compartments: accomodation / winch / operator’s sections
Windows: accommodation and winch section
Slickline feed: side hatch (port for feeding slickline) 
External lining: clad metal with polymeric powder coating
Internal lining: laminated plywood and/or ribbed aluminium
Floor coating: zinc plated steel / special oil and water repelling durable rubber material / ribbed aluminium
Tooling box: under the truck body (2 ea.) 
Generator section: side single-door hinged hatch
Spare wheel carrier: in the drum section / outside the truck body

Slickline winch “LKI-Tekhno”
Winch drive: electric / mechanical / combination
Winch drive control box: electric
Backup indication box
Logging control panel “SKK-Tekhno 305”
Wellhead lubricator: L65-21 / L65-35

Board with RCCB (residual current circuit breaker) and RCD (residual current device) in the drum section  
Power cable reel w/ cable – 50 m
Ground clamp with wire - 50 м
Generator: stand-alone, power 6.5 / 8.0 kW on a rollout skid in the generator section   
Lighting of the truck, wellhead floodlight: 220/24 V
Sockets: 220 V
Reel w/ winch drive power cable
Stand-alone diesel heater PLANAR /WEBASTO 
Heater core OS-7
Electric fan heater 220 V, power 2.0 kW
Air conditioner

Operator’s chair  
Bed trunk  
Folding sleeper shelf above the bed trunk  
Fixed table with a folding section
Table with a table top and a sink  
Hand washing point with water heater above the sink  
Vise workbench with pullout drawers

L- type jib crane with Hand Chain Hoist
Spare (LKI-Tekhno) winch drum carrier  
Racks for memory tools
Lubricator rack
Wheel blocks - 1 set
First aid kit
Fire extinguisher - 2 ea.
Emergency road triangle
Spark arrester