Mobile Well Testing Lab Mounted on Wheeled Snow and Swamp Vehicle “TEHSMART TREKOL Trophy” Chassis


Well testing lab with an all-metal van fitted on UAZ 4x4 snow and swamp vehicle “TEHSMART TREKOL TROPHY” with a pre-installed winch “LKI-Tekhno” for slickline conveyed well intervention whilst well testing, remedial and cleanup operations


Mobile lab involves an all-metal van design fitted on UAZ-2206 truck platform, 4x4 snow and swamp vehicle “TEHSMART TREKOL TROPHY” – an all-drive vehicle for slickline logging and well testing operations modified and improved in collaboration with our company. Snow and swamp vehicle “TEHSMART TREKOL TROPHY” has an increased clearance and is effective for small trips to wellsite even in extreme terrain condition. To ensure excellent all-terrain performance the truck is fitted with low pressure tyres and wheel disks, upgraded suspension, reinforced axles, power takeoff shafts, braking and fuel systems, transfer case control and gear box control systems, hydraulic power steering and parking brake drives.

The lab is equipped with slickline winch LKI-Tekhno an automatic slickline spooler, logging control panel “SKK-Tekhno 305” and lubricator L65-35. For better comfort the interior is divided into two compartments – a trunk section and a winch section. There is a bed trunk with folding back, a table and an operator’s chair. In addition, the snow and swamp vehicle has an independent power generation unit, dewaxing equipment KDSU.01 with scrapers – size ranging from 35 mm to 50 mm, and a set of fishing equipment for downhole fishing jobs. 

Slickline winch LKI-Tekhno involves a combination drive with a geared motor 2.2kW, 220V) is equipped with zinc coated 2.2 mm thick wire in compliance with GOST 7373-79 enabling an operator to use electric drive whilst operating at maximum depth of 2000 m.

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Layout Options

Technical Description

Chassis: UAZ window van
Engine: ZMZ, petrol
Emission Class: EURO-4
Axle Arrangement: 4х4, low pressure tyres
Gearbox: mechanical, five-speed
Steering: hydraulic power steering

No. of seats: 2 seats + 1 operator’s seat
Layout: two compartments
Compartment options: winch section/ trunk section
Floor coating: combined special oil and water repelling durable rubber material and zinc plated steel / ribbed aluminium  
Internal lining: laminated plywood and/or ribbed aluminium  

Slickline winch “LKI-Tekhno”
Winch drive: electric
Logging control panel “SKK-Tekhno 305”
Control box 
Wellhead lubricator: L65-21 / L65-35

Lighting: winch section 220 V and 12 V, wellhead floodlight: 12/ 220V
Sockets: 220 V
Reel w/ power cable – 50 m
Reel w/ ground cable and a cable clamp – 50 m  
Electric fan heater 220 V, power 2.0 kW
Generator: stand-alone, power 6.5 kW, fixed/on a rollout skid
Heater – independent heating/coolant heater core

Bed trunk  
Operator’s table
Winch operator’s chair

Universal set of dewaxing equipment (KDSU)  
Set of fishing equipment  
Carrier for spare drum for LKI-Tekhno winch
Rack for memory tools  
Rack for lubricator
Truck service kit
Emergency road triangle
First aid kit
Fire extinguisher
Spark arrester