HDIS well research laboratory based on block boxes

Stationary Laboratory of Study of wells

Well testing lab based in the heat-insulated dog-house with pre-installed winch “LKI-Tekhno” designed for slickline conveyed well intervention whilst well testing, remedial and cleanup operations

Client's datasheet


The skid unit with LKI-Tekhno winch in the heat insulated doghouse made of sandwich panels represents a cost effective solution for well testing, logging and dewaxing in the extreme climate conditions. The doghouse can be transported to a well site by helicopter, semitrailer or a tracked all-terrain vehicle. A cable reel installed in the unit allows connecting to a on-site power source making it power independent.

Layout Options

Technical Description

Base: sled runners to slide across icy or snowy surface 
Walls: sandwich panels
Transport ports for towing the doghouse
Floor is multilayered laminated plywood covered with  special oil and water repelling durable rubber material / ribbed aluminium

Slickline winch “LKI-Tekhno”
Winch drive: electric 2.2 kW / 4.0 kW
Winch drive control box (for electric drive)
Logging control panel “SKK-Tekhno 305”

Generator: stand-alone, power 7.5 kW
Lighting: winch section 220 V and 24 V, wellhead floodlight: 220V
Sockets: 220 V
Reel w/ power cable – 50 m
Reel w/ ground cable and a cable clamp – 50 m  
Cable reel 
Electric fan heater 220 V, power 2.0 kW

Bed trunk

Rollout cable reel
Slickline wire feed and a drum rollout hatch 
Carrier for spare drum for LKI-Tekhno winch 
Rack for memory tools  
Rack for lubricator