Designed for installation at the top of the lubricator section and preventing tools from dropping down into a wellbore in case of breaking wire or wireline cable in the process of logging or dewaxing


Used in production, observation and injection oil and gas wells as a top section of a lubricator equipped with a stuffing box for 73 mm tubing in the process of well testing and logging with downhole tools and pressure gauges with the aid of wireline/slickline winch; and scraping internal walls of tubing from asphaltene, resin, and paraffin deposits  

Operating Principle

Tool catcher is placed at the top section of a pressure control lubricator under the stuffing box, catches a tool after wire or cable breaks in the lubricator using grips, and securely holds the tool in lubricator until it is recovered by crew.




  • A wide range of catchers for various types of cable heads: rope socket for wire, cable heads for wireline (braided cable)  
  • The device is designed for multiple use  
  • Gripping and holding strength can be adjusted  
  • Comfortable to clean solids and debris 

Job Procedure

  1. Tool catcher is placed at the top section of a lubricator under the stuffing box
  2. A tool hits the stuffing box and is gripped by the catcher   
  3. The tool catcher and the tool is retrieved from a lubricator section  
  4. The tool is released from the catcher 

Technical Specifications

  LU-73 LU-73-NKB-28 LU-73-NKB-36
Stub end diameter Ø 64 mm Ø 66 mm Ø 66 mm
Catcher body diameter Ø 56 mm Ø 60 mm Ø 60 mm
Tool head Rope socket NKB-28 NKB-36
Weight 1.2 kg 1.2 kg 1.2 kg