To measure pressure and temperature at the mouth of the oil well and preserve the received data in the built -in memory of the device with their transmission through the communication cable for further processing and analysis on the user's computer

The device has a dust-proof case, is equipped with a LED screen consisting of four 7-segment indicators and a magnetic key for controlling the main modes of the device


• measurement of pressure and temperature on the basis of a previously given scheme of work, which includes up to 8 tasks for work, with various options for starting measurements (from time, pressure, temperature)
• preservation of accumulated measurements in energy -dependent memory
• setting the start time of the recording in memory of the device
• direct measurement mode
• task of interval and recording parameters
• inclusion/continuation of the Events:
o exceeding/falling a given pressure value, temperature
o set recording time
o through a given time
o Pressing a magnetic button


• Continuous recording time during measurement intervals of 1 sec. up to 120 days
• the limit of the main above error along the pressure channel up to ± 0.06 from the VP
• Indications on the device are switched by magnetic key
• The device has a high degree of dust-moisture protection: a sealed rubber seal that prevents the case from moisture and dust.
• On the front panel under the red shock -resistant glass there is a LED indicator with a magnetic switch button
• Under the rear cover there is a compartment with a connector for removing accumulated information, a power switch, a power element

Technical Specifications

  Pressure measurement range

0...60 (100) Maa

  Temperature measurement range

-40° ...+85°С

  Recording frequency

1 sec-1 hour, 1/10 sec

  Filling time when working with a frequency of 1 second

60 (120) days

  Operating temperature range

-40° ...+85°С



  Autonomous work time

300 days


140 х 34 mm

  Degree of protection




  Manometer-termometer Usteva
  Magnetic keychain for working with devices
  Special key to open the back cover
  Spare rubber sealing ring for the back cover
  Lisocl2 (lithium-type) battery, size AA
  Passport and operating manual
  Case for storing the device and accessories