Bladed Scrapers “SL-Tekhno”


One of the most effective tools for removing asphaltene, resin, and paraffin deposits.
Head blades of the scrapers enable effectively cutting a paraffin layers from tubing internal surface. When selecting the blades it is essential to consider size of stem weights which must be equal or less than that of the head. It is recommended that scraper is configured with two blades, top and bottom ones. Top blade diameter must be larger than that of the bottom one within 5 mm tolerance. 
Among advantages of blades made by LLC NPF “Tehsmart” are a rightly selected high strength steel and a qualitative sharpening of the blades.


Weight stems are made in two types: steel and lead
Lead weights/stems as compared to steel weights have larger mass and smaller size. This improves cleaning job quality and speed of preparatory operations.
Application of lead weights eliminates need in large multi-section lubricators. 
Blades and cutters are securely fixed in the weight stem body with an Allen key screw.


Swivel Joint

Swivel joint allows preventing twisting of the wire and formation of kinks
Is a highly effective failure prevention tool for dewaxing, wireline/ slickline and well testing operations.
Connection thread: male M27х1.5 / female M12х1.75  (other thread types can be made if requested by Client)

Swivel joint for well cleaning jobs using mechanical methods (dewaxing)

Rope socket is designed for connecting 2.5 mm diameter wire and downhole tools.
Rope socket has a unified design among many manufacturers and remains universal. A special “mushroom-type” head, 20 mm OD, allows using the rope socket with head catcher “LU” or collet-type catcher “LTs” which prevents and promptly addresses failures caused by a wire breakdown. 
Mandatory heat treatment ensures high tensile strength properties of the rope socket.  
Connection thread: M27х1.5

Rope socket used for attaching wire (slickline) to a downhole scraper