Tubing Scrapers and Spear-Type Scratchers



Spear -type scratchers “SP-Tekhno” are used for initial punching through asphaltene, resin, and paraffin plugs built up inside of the tubing string. For subsequent regular cleaning jobs, bladed scrapers “SL-Tekhno” and milling scrapers “SF-Tekhno” are used in combination with automatic dewaxing unit “UDS-Tekhno 101” or semiautomatic slickline winch “LKI-Tekhno”. Scrapers made by LLC NPF “TehSmart” have similar design as other scrapers such as dynamic scraper “SD”, expandable scraper, Bolotov’s scraper, PUR.55, TU.55, PU.55, DI.55, KI.55, PA.55, KP.55, PL.55, SR-73, SL-73, Stroev's scraper. Scrapers by LLC NPF “TehSmart” are suitable for use with well dewaxing units of the following types: UDS, UDS-Tekhno, UDS-3000T, UDS-1M, UOK-NKT, PADUS, PADU-3M, DSA-18, MDS-010, Suleymanov’s winch. To ensure effective wax removal, wellbore and fluid condition should be considered when selecting scraper elements for a cleaning job. Cutting end is a replaceable element, and can be changed upon prior agreement with Client. Diameter of cutters, weights size and mass, scraper configuration can be agreed on prior to a cleaning job. Lead weight while preserving smaller size provides for larger mass for a more effective operation result. A mandatory element is a swivel joint in order to prevent twisting of wire that can result in a potential job failure on a wellsite. To prevent damage of tubing with internal polymer coating, heavy duty plastic mills are used in a scraper. They keep the internal coating of the tubing intact.




  • Better penetration is ensured by using a solid streamlined tool with replaceable cutters (mills) of different sizes.
  • Tubing string is cleaned by reciprocating a scraper up and down.
  • Scraper modular design allows building any needed scraper configuration prior to a cleaning job.
  • Larger weight and smaller size due to lead core of the sinker bar (a lead filled stem).  


Rope socket
Swivel joint to prevent wire (slickline)  twisting
Lead weights
Cutting tips (mills)
End piece

Technical Specifications

Scraper length >1 500 mm
Proper weight 10 ... 42 kg
Operating temperature -40º ... +150°С
Maximum pressure 35 ... 100 MPa
Q-ty of cutters (mills) 2 ... 8 ea.
OD of cutters (mills) 32 ... 70 mm
OD of spear head 25 ... 52 mm