Hydraulic stuffing box

Device designed for sealing lubricator at the wellheads of oil and injection well, for cleaning slickline or wireline cable from well fluid.

Description and Specifications

A hydraulically operated cable sealing device (analogous to wellhead packoff devices ZUG-4, ZUG -4M, ZUG -6, UGG-35, UGL-35) is used for sealing cable or wire whilst conducting well logging or well testing operations. It is installed as part of a wellhead lubricator whilst using a technology of entering a well under pressure. 

Hydraulic stuffing box is operated in combination with an oil pump. An exerted pressure allows creating a seal by compressing seal elements around the wireline or slickline. Hydraulic stuffing box also has a mud/well fluid bleedoff sub to ensure the outstanding well fluid is removed from the stuffing box body.

Design: options with labyrinth and packed gland seal, for gas condensate and oil wells accordingly. 

Service life – 5 years from commissioning
UGG-35 is designed for application in the temperate climate as per GOST 16350-80.
Application zone of UGG-35 while operation – 1 as per GOST 15150-69